Cordless LED Headlamp


LED + Loupe(Option)

Key Features

  • Unique Industrial Design Head Mount
  • Cordless with lightweight only 190g
  • 4 Levels of Light Intensity(Max. 35,000 Lux)
  • Color Temperature: 5500k
  • 100mm Diameter, measured 30 cm from headlamp
  • Uniform Light Spot
  • Dual-hinge to adjust the LED position closer to eye-view
  • 4-direction LED Rotation
  • Rechargeable Battery for long working hours
  • Low heat design


Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1


35,000 Lux

23,000 Lux

15,000 Lux

8,500 Lux

Working Hour

about 4 hours

about 6 hours

about 9 hours

about 15 hours

FL-200LM with Loupe

  • Integrated with Fasmedo cordless LED, ultra light-weight, no weight feeling for long time wear.
  • Spotlight same view area from loupe viewing angle.
  • Easily turn the loupe up without interference with LED lamp
  • Loupe offers the widest field of view and longest depth of focus
  • Multi-coated precision lenses for superb clarity and reduced reflection.

Loupe Spec.


FL-200LM Introduction

FL-200 unboxing