Software Versions History

iOS App

v1.6.12, released June 12 2019

  • Support switching between video mode and photo mode (requires firmware 0.D.0_20190606 or newer).
  • Allow taking video snapshots only when camera is recording video.
  • Support Intranet live broadcasting.

v1.6.11, released June 1 2019

  • Fix live broadcasting sharing code display.
  • Fix version number display in Settings App.

v1.6.10, released May 29 2019

  • Auto-connect to camera on App launch or MediCam boot-up, if there is only one camera in list.
  • Fix file download for large media files.
  • Fix error-handling for live broadcasting.
  • Add support for simplified Chinese language.

v1.6.9, released May 15 2019

  • Fix switching to client-connection mode with passcodes.

v1.6.8, released May 12 2019

  • Allow switching to client-connection mode with passcodes.
  • Fix focus offset and displayed values.
  • Fix main thread locks for live broadcasting.
  • Support new model name: FM-100AS.

v1.6.7, released May 3 2019

  • Support multiple regions for live broadcasting.

v1.6.6, released April 25 2019

  • Fix live events status report and display.
  • Update image resources including launch image.

v1.6.5, released April 25 2019

  • Add bandwidth display for live broadcasting.

v1.6.4, released April 1 2019

  • Change video snapshot icon.

v1.6.3, released March 21 2019

  • Add support for Japanese language.

v1.6.2, released March 12 2019

  • Fix problems switching field of views.
  • Fix recording information popup when camera turned OFF.

v1.6.1, released Feb 21 2019

  • Add support for traditional Chinese language.
  • Fix battery status display.
  • Fix live events sharing code layout.
  • Display user's live events viewing time.