Standalone Wireless Micro Camera


Standalone Wireless MicroCam

D5 Introduction

  • Benefit to Doctor
  • Application
  • Solutions
Benefit to Doctor
  • Doctor can adjust precise angle for recording
  • Camera fix by holder with providing stable video/image
  • Wireless or HDMI output for sharing the real time video/image
  • Larger magnification 8x
  • HDMI output to view LCD monitor for surgery/implanting
  • Easy operating with buttons (REC/Photo/FoV select/PWR)
  • HDMI_USB video box for easy storage for re-play
  • HDMI output to be compatible with Telemedical conference system
  • Live broadcasting for sharing real time video/image


Application field:

  • Dental medicine
  • Surgery
  • Beauty medicine
  • Veterinary

Application for Doctor:

  • Sharing the real time image for medical process
  • Sharing the real time patient status for doctor remote diagnostic/education
  • Recording video to advise patient action after medical process
  • Recording patient medical process with video and audio for after review

HDMI to Monitor

With HDMI connecting LCD monitor for real time image/video

Wireless Solutions

Fasmedo support many great wireless feature

Key Features

  • Wireless 802.11b/g/n
  • With Mini-HDMI connector(video output)
  • Instant Auto focus lens (10cm ~ 100cm)
  • View Angle(Magnification): 8x, 6x, 4x
  • Integrate with Continuous Knob control ledlamp intensity: 1,500 ~ 50,000 Lux
  • High-quality video(FHD) resolution with audio(ACC)
  • Cordless display through APPs(WIN10, iOS, Android, MAC OS)
  • Touchpad buttons: Recording, Snapshot, View Angle
  • Store video into internal memory(256GB)
  • Live streaming through Fasmedo cloud(AWS server)
  • Long working time(5,000mA): 3 ~ 5 hours
  • Dimension: Length: 168mm, Front-diameter: 60mm
  • Integrate with HDMI_USB box for recording the video into USB Removable Drive(Optional)

Instant Autofocus

Great Depth of Field

Field of View




working distance: 30cm

D5 Function Videos

Micro Camera D5 Unboxing Introduction

Operating Micro Camera D5

Micro Camera D5 Button Function

HDMI Recording Box

Install the ARM

Use Cases

Dental (1)

Dental (2)

Dental (3)