Standalone Wireless Micro Camera


Standalone Wireless MicroCam

D5 Introduction

  • Benefit to Doctor
  • Application
  • Solutions
Benefit to Doctor
  • Doctor can adjust precise angle for recording
  • Camera fix by holder with providing stable video/image
  • Wireless or HDMI output for sharing the real time video/image
  • Larger magnification 8x
  • HDMI output to view LCD monitor for surgery/implanting
  • Easy operating with buttons (REC/Photo/FoV select/PWR)
  • HDMI_USB video box for easy storage for re-play
  • HDMI output to be compatible with Telemedical conference system
  • Live broadcasting for sharing real time video/image


Application field:

  • Dental medicine
  • Surgery
  • Beauty medicine
  • Veterinary

Application for Doctor:

  • Sharing the real time image for medical process
  • Sharing the real time patient status for doctor remote diagnostic/education
  • Recording video to advise patient action after medical process
  • Recording patient medical process with video and audio for after review

HDMI to Monitor

With HDMI connecting LCD monitor for real time image/video

Wireless Solutions

Fasmedo support many great wireless feature

Key Features

  • Wireless 802.11b/g/n
  • With Mini-HDMI connector(video output)
  • Instant Auto focus lens (10cm ~ 100cm)
  • View Angle(Magnification): 8x, 6x, 4x
  • Integrate with Continuous Knob control ledlamp intensity: 1,500 ~ 50,000 Lux
  • High-quality video(FHD) resolution with audio(ACC)
  • Cordless display through APPs(WIN10, iOS, Android, MAC OS)
  • Touchpad buttons: Recording, Snapshot, View Angle
  • Store video into internal memory(256GB)
  • Live streaming through Fasmedo cloud(AWS server)
  • Long working time(5,000mA): 3 ~ 5 hours
  • Dimension: Length: 168mm, Front-diameter: 60mm
  • Integrate with HDMI_USB box for recording the video into USB Removable Drive(Optional)

Instant Autofocus

Great Depth of Field

Field of View




working distance: 30cm

Use Cases

Dental (1)

Dental (2)

Dental (3)