Head-Mounted Wireless Camera

with 72,000 Lux Ledlamp


Camera + Loupe(Option)

Cordless High Lux LEDLamp


LED + Loupe(Option)

Standalone Wireless Micro Camera


Head-Mounted Wireless Camera


Camera + Loupe(Option)

Products Comparison

FM-105 AS/AW

Camera + Loupe(Option)




6x, 3x, 2x



3x, 2x, 1.5x


Storage: 128GB

Battery: 2

Battery Charger: Yes

Bluetooth Pedal: Yes

Live Streaming: Yes

Carry Case: Aluminum Case

Loupe: x2.5, x3.0. or x3.5

FL-200 LM

LED + Loupe(Option)

Battery: 1

Carry Case: Aluminum Case

Loupe: x2.5, x3.0. or x3.5

Head-Mounted Wireless Camera

Cordless LED Headlamp


LED + Loupe(Option)

FS-502 Video Workstation

Multiple input x Multiple output

  • Power-ON auto-connect to FM-105/FM-100 MediCam
  • Support multiple video input sources
  • HDMI direct output to large screens
  • Support IntraNet &Internet live broadcasting
  • Auto-sync media files from MediCam
  • Support wireless foot pedal
  • User friendly control interface


Front Holder

Soft, comfortable leather wrapper for fore-head holder and head-straps. Help mounting MediCam securely on the head.

Head Straps

Works with fore-head holder for head-mounting.

Bluetooth Pedal

Remote controller for recording and photo snapshot.

Extension Bracket

Allow all kinds of Loupes and LED lights to be bundled together with MediCam.


Professional toolbox for your MediCam and all accessories.

Battery x 2

Two batteries with plastic case.

Battery Charger

Dual-slot with LCD display.

USB Cable

USB Type-C cable with vertical jack.


Wireless HeadLight for Dental Field

Application fields: Dental medicine

Application Institutions: Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Universities

High performance wireless LED head light

70,000 Lux homogeneous, rendering true colors

Long working time up to 15 hours

Lightweight and durable exclusive aluminum housing

Easily rechargeable with USB cable

FM-100 ES

Instant autofocus, lightweight, portable, high-quality video recording.

Magnification ratio: 3x

Minimum focus distance: 5cm

Storage: 64GB

Preview and record video and audio

Photo snapshot

Wi-Fi connection to Apps on Tablet / Smartphone

Supports Apps for preview and setup: iOS, Android