Head-Mounted Wireless Camera with 72,000 Lux Ledlamp


Camera + Loupe (Option)

FM-107 Introduction


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   Benefits to Doctor   

Benefits to Doctor

  • Doctor Eye-View area recording.
  • Can control LED intensity up to 72,000 Lux.
  • Separate control LED and Camera.
  • LED spotlight alignment with camera view area.
  • Wireless, not limited by cabling.
  • Instant Auto Focus, no need to adjust the working distance.
  • Built-in Microphone, sync-up video with audio in one MP4 file.
  • One-touch for Live Broadcasting.
  • Accessory to integrate Loupe.



Wireless Solutions

Fasmedo support many great wireless feature

Key Features

  • Wireless 802.11b/g/n Camera
  • With Mini-HDMI connector (video output)
  • Instant Auto focus lens (5cm ~ Infinity)
  • View Angel(Magnification Times): 6x, 3x or 2x
  • Integrate with Continuous Knob control ledlamp intensity: 4,800 ~ 72,000 Lux
  • Keep remember last power off LED Lux
  • High-quality video(FHD) resolution with audio(ACC)
  • Operating with
  • Touch Buttons: Recording, Snapshot, View Angle
  • Companion APPs(WIN10, iOS, Android)
  • Bluetooth foot pedal for recording and picturing
  • Store video into internal memory(128GB)
  • Live streaming by WiFi through Fasmedo cloud(AWS server)
  • Long working time: 3~5 hours

Doctor Eye-View Recording

working distance: 30cm

Great Depth of Field

LED & Camera View Alignment

LED Spotlight guide the recording area

Field of View





working distance: 30cm

Loupe Spec.

FM-107 With Loupe

FM-107 Function Videos

Live Broadcast with Windows App

Live Broadcast with Smart Device

Use Cases

Dental (1)

Dental (2)

Dental (3)