Multiple View Angles Medical Conference System

Fasmedo FM-100

The first head-mounted wireless camera with stylish design and best autofocus performance, captures every detail in the operation from surgeon's true point-of-view. Supports live broadcasting, suitable for training sessions and seminars.

The Best Medical Camera

only with Fasmedo

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Best Video Quality for Surgery Recordings

Instant Autofocus

Best AF performance in the world, the fastest and most reliable way to get sharp motion pictures continuously.

Great Depth-of-field

Ideal combination of aperture and focal length to achieve the longest range of sharpness for narrow view.

Stability & Extensibility

  • Comfortable forehead holder
  • With head straps to secure your MediCam
  • Stylish leather case for forehead holder and straps
  • Multi-functional expansion kit 

Companion Apps

  • Easy Setup 
  • Auto Update
  • Append Recording Information
  • Wireless Bluetooth Pedal
  • Live Broadcasting
  • 1-to-1 Conference (coming soon) 

Real-time Live Broadcasting

Low latency, no more buffering


  • Home Medical Diagnostic
  • telediagnosis
  • Distance Learning
Home Medical Diagnostic

Home Medical Diagnostic



• Bringing medical experts anywhere

• Promote long-distance clinical care

• Convenience, Save Money & Time

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Sharing the real time medical process for remote education 


  • Recording and documentation
  • Live broadcasting
  • Remote Inspection (Use 榮總 as user case)
  • Compatible with other brand LED/Loupe with bracket
  • Intranet Live Broadcasting with FS-502
  • Compatible with PACS (To be supported)
  • Conference with Skype/Zoom (To be Released later)
  • Wall-Mount/Table Mount with FM1xx
  • Support multiple OS, iOS, Android, and Windows

Value-added Services

Live Event

1000 hours

US$ 1,000

Add 1000 hours viewing-time

for your live event 

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